Patio Covers and Rooms

Custom made to fit your needs. Solid covers offer protection from sun and rain. Lattice covers are beautiful with partial sun protection.

The SOLARA adjustable cover offers the benefits of both, go solid to 95% light with the turn of a handle or touch of a button.

Retractable patio covers give the convenience of sun protection when you want it.

Patio covers are designed to fit your space and needs. Choices include Solid, Lattice, Insulated, Adjustable and retractable. Some models are available for the Do-It-Yourself customers.

Patio “Kool” CapUpgrade your existing patio cover with new posts,
side curtains,privacy screens and a new Patio ” KOOL” Cap.


Patio Covers and Rooms
Patio “Kool” Cap

An aluminum or polyester mesh cover to go over your existing lattice or solid patio cover.
A Patio “kool” Cap will make your cover cooler, more attractive, easier to clean and less noise when it rains.
It is custom made to fit your cover, available in many colors and polyester mesh cover is in degrees of shade.
A Patio “Kool” Cap over a lattice cover offers more shade and ultra violet protection for you and your furniture.
A Patio “Kool” Cap over a solid W Pan or Flat Pan cover keeps the leaves and trash off your roof and out of the gutter.


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