DIY – Patio Covers

Patio Cover Kits – will call prices

How to order a patio cover
page5_img4A standard patio over is attached to an existing structure at the back, the front has the posts under the gutter/fascia attached to a concrete slab. Our minimum quotes are based on 10 # Live Load, for areas with normal winds and no snow. Greater Live Loads increase the price based on thickness of material and added components, such as beams and additional posts.
Width: How wide do you need?

Projection: How far out do you want to go?

Height: What is the attachment height?

page5_img3Solid Covers: standard solid covers include 12” W-Pans that interlock for the roof. Flat-Pans are 6” wide and also interlock. They provide a cleaner look.

Lattice Covers: Standard lattice covers include 2” X 2” tubes with 2” Spacing, a front 3” X 8” beam installed over posts, 2” X 6” rafters extend from the wall out over the front beam (6” to 24”) spaced at 24” on center.

Solid Covers –Attached 8’ Posts under fascia

Projection Width




12” W-Pan White & Cameo

8’ X 10’ $450.00




Custom Sizes $5.50 PSF

10’ X 12’ $575.00




6” Flat-Pan 8 Colors

8’ X 10’ $475.00




Custom Sizes $6.25.00 PSF

10’ X 12’ $695.00




2” Lattice Covers Attached 8’ Posts under beam 8 Colors

8’ X 10’ $550.00




Custom Sizes $8.50 PSF

10’ X 12’ $850.00